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Job Skill Alignment is a Course

Job Skill Alignment


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A standardized process in which a representative sample of SMEs are identified in a specific job and work with ACT Job Profilers to assess the critical day-to-day tasks of their job and assess a job level needed to effectively perform a job. The day-to-day tasks are aligned to the ACT WorkKeys Skills. The ACT WorkKeys Skills are assessments that assess the level of a person’s job readiness. The WorkKeys Skills available are: Workplace Documents, Graphic Literacy, Applied Math, Workplace Observation, and Applied Technology.


Upon successful completion of the concepts, participants develop the knowledge and skills to fill their workforce and receive a job profile.

Course Instructors

Career Skills Coaches

The Career Skills Coaches focus on working with programming participants in a variety of ways by identifying goals, training programs, employment opportunities, and funding sources to assist reaching personal and professional goals. Career Skills Coaches also facilitate training programs that enhance a participants ability to be work ready. Additionally, the Career Skills Coaches apply principles of appreciative advising to holistically work with a participant and ensure that they are supported both in and outside of the classroom/work environment.

Full course description




3 Weeks


40 Hours/Week


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