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Job Skill Alignment is a Course

Job Skill Alignment


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A standardized process in which a representative sample of SMEs are identified in a specific job and work with ACT Job Profilers to assess the critical day-to-day tasks of their job and assess a job level needed to effectively perform a job. The day-to-day tasks are aligned to the ACT WorkKeys Skills. The ACT WorkKeys Skills are assessments that assess the level of a person’s job readiness. The WorkKeys Skills available are: Workplace Documents, Graphic Literacy, Applied Math, Workplace Observation, and Applied Technology.

Services Included

Employers will receive a WorkKeys validity report that includes a breakdown of findings and recommended skills assessments to utilize for hiring, promotions, and training development for the position assessed.


Upon successful completion of the concepts, participants develop the knowledge and skills to fill their workforce and receive a job profile.

Course Instructors

Career Skills Coaches


The Career Skills Coaches focus on working with programming participants in a variety of ways by identifying goals, training programs, employment opportunities, and funding sources to assist reaching personal and professional goals. Career Skills Coaches also facilitate training programs that enhance a participants ability to be work ready. Additionally, the Career Skills Coaches apply principles of appreciative advising to holistically work with a participant and ensure that they are supported both in and outside of the classroom/work environment.

Full course description


$3,000 - $5,000 per job




40 Hours/Week


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