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Project Quality, Control and Risk Management is a Course

Project Quality, Control and Risk Management


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Full course description

Course Description

This course introduces participants to key concepts, methodologies, and best practices of project management, quality and control, and philosophies and techniques. Topics include planning, quality assurance, performance control, establishing project metrics, change control and configuration, categorization of complexity, project sponsorship, stakeholder analysis and communication, and techniques for managing large, high uncertainty and "edge of chaos" projects. Participants work in a team environment with hands-on activities. Terminology, processes and definitions, where appropriate follow the Project Management Institute’s (PMI®) Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide).

For more information, visit the MCC Project Management Academy website.


Foundations of Project Management


At the end of the course, students will:

  • Know key innovators and developments in the history of the Quality Movement
  • Understand the definition of Quality and know the difference between Grade & Quality
  • Be able to establish a Quality Control Plan using appropriate QC Tools & Techniques
  • Be able to establish a Quality Assurance Plan using appropriate QA Tools & Techniques
  • BKnow the symptoms of ineffective Project Control
  • KUnderstand the key Controlling Processes: Performance Control, Change Control, Configuration Management
  • Be able to develop appropriate project Control Factors and associated Thresholds for control
  • Understand the importance of effective Change Control and the Change Process
  • Know the definitions of executing, monitoring & controlling
  • Understand the sources of project change
  • Be able to implement a process for handling new and emerging project requirements
  • Know how to develop an effective project sponsor relationship
  • Identify risks, both positive and negative, and understand their potential impact on project results
  • Implement effective risk analysis techniques
  • Facilitate team-oriented risk processes
  • Lead effective risk management throughout the project life cycle
  • Define complexity in a project environment
  • Recognize categories of uncertainty in projects
  • Understand the difference between project, program and product management
  • Understand what drivers are present today that lead to complex projects
  • Know various historical and current approaches to managing complex projects
  • Apply techniques to large and highly complex projects
  • Recognize the importance of and effectively manage project sponsors
  • Deal with the inevitable politics associated with high-stakes, high dollar value projects
  • Overcome cultural challenges associated with global multicultural and diverse project teams
  • Use a set of mobilizing skills to keep team members focused on project objectives and outcomes that will lead to success and ultimately to long-term competitive advantage in the marketplace
  • Understand how to identify and deal with complexity in projects that they manage


This course is for individuals who desire to understand how to organize, manage quality and control in a project. It is especially suited for project team members, project managers and key stakeholders. Additionally, functional managers who support project resources and professionals who desire a career in project management should benefit.

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Course Instructors

Ben Godfrey

ben godfrey imageI think of Project Managers as change agents. As a PM, my greatest satisfaction is in knowing that my work changes the world for the better. Operating nuclear power plants for the US Navy; software test engineering for Qualcomm and Sun Microsystems; running my own plastics manufacturing company; raising ultra-organic pigs; operating a nuclear power plant for OPPD; and now working as a PM on the demolition of that same nuclear power plant. I hold certifications from Project Management International in Project Management (PMP) and Risk Management (RMP). I am the current president of OPPD’s Project Management Community of Practice.

24-Hour Course