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Communicating in Teams (Review) is a Course

Communicating in Teams (Review)

Ended Jan 18, 2019

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Full course description

To accomplish goals and objectives, today's businesses are commonly organized into teams. Businesses realize that by arranging work teams, their employees do a much better job of solving problems, generating new ideas, and improving productivity.

For the individual employees, working in a team provides group support for accomplishing tasks, builds learning opportunities, develops camaraderie, and creates unity in the workplace.


In this online workshop, you will explore ways in which you can improve your performance in a team environment. Through group activities, short research projects, collaborative exercises, and self-evaluation, you will discover the basics of teamwork, including:

  • Team Codes of Conduct
  • Advanced and Emerging Communication Tools
  • Peer Evaluation, Common Team Communication Challenges
  • Methods for Professional and Personal Development

By the end of the workshop, you will have both knowledge and skills to communicate successfully as part of a team. 

The competencies for this workshop are:

  • Apply teamwork concepts to work projects
  • Create methods to resolve team communication challenges
  • Complete a team collaboration project
  • Design a team-based professional development plan 

About the Facilitator

Susan Prater, a Doane University Alumnus, holds a degree in Business with an emphasis in human resources. She works as a business consultant helping individuals and organizations develop solutions to problems and expand their capacities to do business. Her background includes; training, learning and development, start-ups, cross-functional teams and team-building. Susan has more than five years experience developing training and employee development programs for start-up and established organizations. She is experienced in presenting on important topics for the workplace; critical thinking, problem solving, team building, leadership and customer service.

 "I see a need to train students to understand how to analyze and solve problems in the workplace. "


" Susan is someone that I have taken guidance from, learning new things about customer service."

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