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Professional Skills Series


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Writing Effective Email Basics

Email has long been a valuable core business communications tool, but email also has the potential to create tension and confusion. How can you write workplace emails that get the results you want? In this online course, we look at strategies you can use to ensure that your use of workplace email is clear, effective and successful. Through online learning activities and collaborative exercises, you will identify best practices for writing the most commonly used types of workplace emails, evaluate samples for common errors, and apply the principles by writing workplace emails that represent the best practices.

Most of us encounter problems in the workplace daily. Do you know how to recognize and respond to them effectively? Are they being solved? Or are they often ignored with the hope that somehow, they will resolve on their own?

Problem Solving Foundations

In this introductory online course, we’ll establish some principles and practices that are foundational and useful in any workplace context and examine standard problem-solving approaches. You’ll demonstrate your problem-solving skills by using what you’ve learned to implement a solution to a workplace problem of your choice.

Building Team Collaboration

Good collaboration is a key ingredient for teams or on projects that allows goals to be achieved effectively, efficiently and harmoniously. Poor collaboration can cause poor outcomes, wasted effort, and conflict. How can collaboration be achieved when you can't control the people you need to work with or the environment you are in?


$250 (This is a savings of $47!)

Course Dates

Writing Effective Email Basics: March 4th, 2020 - March 11th, 2020

Problem Solving Foundations: April 1st, 2020 - April 8th, 2020

Building Team Collaboration: May 6th, 2020 - May 13th, 2020


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