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Crypto Trading is a Course

Crypto Trading


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This Crypto Trading Course provides an in-depth understanding of bitcoin and the cryptocurrency marketplace. It is not essential for attendees to have any blockchain or crypto knowledge, however understanding the technology of Bitcoin and the blockchain technology offers a high value to those investing in instruments that rely on this technology. Course attendees will learn how to begin, gain insight into investment in bitcoin as well as other crypto currencies, along with tops onhow to manage these investments.

Delivery: Online On-Demand (mentor supported)

Prerequisites: None

Program Modules

Module 1: Introduction to Cryptocurrencies FOMO – Fear of Missing Out FUD – Fear Uncertainty and Doubt

What are cryptocurrencies? Where do they come from? What is an altcoin? What are some of the most popular cryptocurrencies? How many cryptocurrencies are there? Are cryptocurrencies a good store of value? What are the different type of cryptocurrencies?  Currencies  Tokens  Platforms Who are the members of the cryptocurrency ecosystems What is a cryptocurrency address? Why are cryptocurrencies important? Global adoption Emerging financial systems Efficiencies for:  Criminals  Legitimate transactions  Governments  Corporations How much are they worth?

Module 2: Uses for Cryptocurrencies

How can I use cryptocurrencies? Raise capital (ICO’s) Payment system Are they a store of value? How to be involved in ICO’s The Pro’s and Con’s of ICO Investing How to understand an ICO White Paper How to determine an ICO’s value Are there risks with ICO’s? How can I invest in cryptocurrencies? What are exchanges?  Coinbase -US  Binance – China  BTCC – China  Coincheck – Japan  Mercado Bitcoin – Brazil  Bitfinex – British Virgin Islands  Bittrex – US  Kraken – US How can I setup an account? What’s a cryptocurrency wallet, and what type are there?  Exodus  Trust Wallet  Trezor Wallet

Module 3: Risks

What are the risks of investing in cryptocurrencies? Are we in a crypto Bubble? What makes a particular cryptocurrency a good investment? How to select which one that appeals to me? What tax implementations are there in crypto investments? Are cryptocurrencies safe?  Theft or loss  Legal status  Security risks  Abandonment of a coin  Pump and Dump Schemes What happens if I die? How will my crypto investments be transferred to my heirs?

Module 4: Trading Cryptocurrencies

This course gives students a deeper understanding of the role social media plays in a digital marketing strategy. Students will learn about different platforms and their best practices. Students will create a social media strategy that builds on the material in course 1. The students will be assessed through a capstone project completed throughout the course. The project will give students an opportunity to test their social media skills as well as creating a real ad campaign on the Facebook platform. The course is part of Facebook’s Digital Marketing curriculum and is required to gain the Facebook certification. Basic internet skills and an understanding of Google Suite applications are recommended.

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Cost $395
10-Hour Course