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Public Speaking with Power is a Course

Public Speaking with Power


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Full course description


Research tells us that most people don't enjoy giving presentations AND that most professionals find themselves presenting frequently. What would it be like to feel polished, professional, even powerful, when presenting to others? This course will cover the fundamentals of presentations, from structure to audience analysis to delivery techniques that engage listeners in your message and vision. Participants will be asked to bring their "real life" presentation needs to the course, in order to work on specific and individual skills, making the course truly interactive. Presentations will be given during class time, so that participants can receive feedback in the moment from peers, and detailed feedback between class sessions from the instructor. Think of it as your personal coaching session on presentations!

Course Outline

Session 1: Overview of course + expectations for each week Self-introductions

  • Ask participants to introduce themselves
  • Review the elements of self-introductions – what should they do?
  • Ask them to revise their self-introductions, and have a few volunteers introduce themselves again, with the group discussing the elements that changed
  • Project: informative Briefing with Presentational aid
  • Explain expectations, answer questions, give examples
  • Interactive lecture on organization of introductions, conclusions, and main points with transitions
  • Small groups or pairs to brainstorm topics
  • Form pairs to introduce each other in Week 2, give time for pairs to share information and plan introductions

Session 2: Informative Briefings + Introduction of others

  • Listen to informative briefings with use of a presentational aid, and audience questions and answers
  • Project: Persuasive Presentation
  • Explain expectations, answer questions, give examples
  • Interactive lecture on persuasive organizational patterns and techniques
  • Small groups or pairs to brainstorm topics
  • Form pairs to introduce each other in Week 3, give time to work with pairs

Session 3: Persuasive presentations

  • Listen to persuasive presentations and audience questions and answers
  • Project: Self-evaluation
  • Explain expectations, answer questions, give examples
  • Project: Presenting and Accepting Awards
  • Explain expectations, answer questions, give examples
  • Small groups or pairs to decide awards to be given
  • Time to interview award recipients to prepare for presentation in Week 4

Session 4: Bringing it all together

  • Share self-evaluations in informal discussion format
  • Award Presentations: Awards given, acceptance speeches given Parting advice
  • Informal sharing of one concept mastered + one challenge remaining, for each participant
  • Instructor available to give brief feedback on award presentations and acceptance speeches
  • Complete summary online work for course


Anyone seeking to improve their communication and leadership skills.

Program Structure

The course is held on Wednesdays from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

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Course Instructors

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Mary Umberger

Mary L. Umberger is a faculty member in the Humanities and the Arts at Metropolitan Community College, where she teaches Communication and Humanities full time. She earned her B.A. from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and her M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Maryland. Between degrees, she worked in the Communication and Information Policy Bureau at the U.S. Department of State in Washington, DC. Mary has taught public speaking at MCC since 1993, and at other universities in the area, as well as in business training classes in the Omaha and Washington, DC areas.

Cost $99
6 Hour Course